Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another tablet sketch. This one is of a friend of mine playing magic. Just not the one you think, cause he would never do something so uncool ;) I know, I suck so balls at colouring, and should of put in some effort on the background. Well I have all school year to get good at that.
I'm finishing packing for my move today. so if I do anything else it'll get posted. And I still draw with pencil everyday, it's just too tedious to post.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More tablet.

I had a nice long day at work, and went to chill at a bbq, so as bad as it is to fight my urge to sleep, I decided I'd have some more fun with the tablet. I'm still not gonna clean up my work, until after I move out but I thought I'd have some fun with facial expressions on those two clowns. Anything else I do will be edited into this post

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sketching with the tablet

ok so I'm waiting to go to the movies, and decided to play with the tablet some more, and I gotta say I love this thing. Check out this sketch I did of my little brother. took like 6 minutes.

If I do more before my friend comes they'll be edited into this post. Also blogger is being really slow with the uploading today.

oh yah, got another one done, I'm gonna try and work on the scratchiness for now. But check out that picture of my satyr girl talking to some sort of crab mushroom... while Kailo stalks... I mean adores from afar.

Third one... oh yah it's wogwart being all crazed and awesome with his sword. He put it in the ground, cause he wanted to. I know it's not really colouring, but I suck at colouring, at least he looks decent. I don't know why blogger put it first, but whatever.
So... school starts on the second, which means my plans to move out in september and be early got ruined. So I'm gonna be packing when I can this week, and the next. Also, I don't have a scanner when I move out, hopefully I can buy one, but if not I gotta draw on my comp to post it up here. So I took my brothers tablet, and I guess I'll be practicing to get good at that. The above drawing was done completely on the tablet, I know it's not amazing, but it was like maybe 10 min and it was the only way I could show the new design for Kailo's face. That's pretty much it, school starts soon, and I ain't got TV. so this blog may start getting good.