Saturday, December 25, 2010


For Christmas I got a new tablet. I know most people just straight up do a painting to post, but I'm actually kinda ill, so I'm just watching star wars in bed. Instead, I wanted to practice animating, so I did a walk-cycle for Kuja. I found a free animation program called "Pencil". It's kinda tedious to use, especially moving around frames, so I'll never try and do a finished piece on it, but in half an hour I did this walk cycle, so it can't be that terrible of a program.

As i do more randoms during the day, I might just fill up this post with nice video goodies.

Another Quickie :D. Poodle fighting on leash.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Winter break! Which means I have TV again! I also have the worst sleep schedule ever atm. I'm stuck on the 2-3 hours a day regiment. So I've been filling up pages of 8.5 by 11s with comedians heads, and late night talk show hosts. I'm trying to capture likenesses off one expression. So I look at them, they do something, I look away, draw that, and hope it turns out good. I think I hit these 2 pretty on, and double bonus, I was watching the Price is Right, Win Win.
By the end of the holiday I'll make a compilation page, once I get my hands on a scanner.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

End of a Semester

The school semester has ended. Hurray!
With that comes a reflection on accomplishments. The easiest way to represent those thoughts is with the story reel that has been in progress this whole time.

I still like the story; it's clear and short, and clearly represents a character (Something I've been struggling with in other projects). The boards are terrible and I always meant to fix them, but never had time (How I allocate my workload). I think I spent the right amount of time doing the rough passes of animation, but I am no clean-up artist (Knowing my strengths). I now know how long it should take me to do a scene right, and what the benefits of that is (Addressing my weaknesses). This piece was not cleaned well, but I spent that time doing all the colouring and retouching to compensate for it (Work ethic). As stressful as finishing it was, it is finished, and that's something to be proud of (Love what you do). I hope you all enjoy (Know why you do it).

Here is a scribble from 7 weeks ago. I still really like spotted, and want to continue to develop it. I will be doing model sheets for the characters over the break. This sleepy Kuja represents my feelings at this second now more than ever.

Having fun with the characters.
Here's to another project finished, leading to more possibilities to come. Next semester!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Progress Blogging

Here are some things in progress/finished within themselves that I did this week :D

First, I drew a new character line-up for group film. The story has changed, and thus there was a lot of costuming that got tossed out. So now Boss is a manager style boss, and Blink is a villain with a droid he pilots to do his dirty work. It's gonna be good. Promise!

My Pan background for layout, with the two extremes of the shot for your reference.

And that same old story reel your tired of watching, but with updated animation roughs, and the coloured pan-background inserted
I'm not entirely happy with the pan in that, cause I used premier to cut the reel, and I needed After Effects to composite the pan properly... :(
Edit: Looking at the pan composited. I think I'll just go back and adjust the target dummy to the position I had before. Ignoring the changing perspective.

Anyways, 2 weeks left, and a decades worth of assignments to go. Fun!

P.S. The comments box is below. I'm looking at your Noris ;) (Takes some to get some, lol)