Thursday, June 17, 2010

zombie dad cover 1

Wanted to try at some cover art. Going to make some comic strips soon I think. I think I learned from this that I definitely wanna do hand drawn instead of on tablet, and I'll just ink it on the computer.

Animating to music

Putting these up, cause a couple people want to know what I animated for my workshop. But honestly I was so busy with work, and my other course, I powered out both of these in about 2 days of work. Which is why I'm putting up a new top post immediately, lol.

Frog and the Grasshopper: (The music just felt right for the characters)

Kid and a Yo-Yo (boop boop). Theme is 'Shave and a haircut'. It's just a cycle test to see if we could match beats and melodies.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zombie Dog

Made a model sheet for class. Then decided to colour it. Forgot to grab a copy of my pre-coloured so this is all you get.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Some sketches I did this summer, just needed to be coloured.

First is the fishtank in my front hall. coloured in photoshop.
original col-erase sketch
Reptiles, coloured in photoshop again.
And the original pensketched page I did at the zoo.
I think I'll do a bunch more zoo drawings like this.

Zombie Dog - Sculpt

Been in a sculpting workshop for few weeks now. Made a sculpt of my zombie dog character. Photography courtesy of Nancy Beiman. I'll put up more pictures later.