Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Previs - Frog Zapping Scene

Sometimes you have no idea how your going to do a scene until you just dig in and try it. This particular scene involved a background with 3 different lighting cues, that also has to pulse with lighting to create the backdrop for the surging electric display.

The colour script was painted to increase the feeling of power as the frog zapping seems more and more like it's going to work, until the frog bursts, and the lights come back on.

Here is the base Layout I made, to do all the lighting effects on top of.
First I took the colour keys, and cut them together, trying to see what effects were available to me in After Effects. This includes, creating the cast shadow behind Lloyd as the electricity gets intense.

Once the colour blending technique was solved, I used the real layout, with different lighting passes for blending to create the visual notes I needed. Slugging in the coloured storyboard poses to feel out the layout.

Now all I have to do is animate the scene, and plug it all into AfterEffects, reusing these techniques.

Here's a lean archer lady, cause I got bored of compositing.

Opening Pan

The first scene of my film has a lot going on. There will be rain. There will be lightning. Dissolves, Multiplanes, Character Animation, Cloud movement! All together I believe there is about 14 layers of things that go into the final. Here is just the painted background artwork. Another 20 layouts left to paint!
Sometimes I get bored, and sketch non film things.
Evil Sphinx

Some sort of Beaver-Elephant-Aardvark-Rabbit-Deer. Or B.E.A.R.D for short.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Title Design, and Random Anim

Here is the Opening Title Design for the film. I took the old design, and made it more 3D, and homemade, in a sense.
Yesterday, I didn't feel up to working on film, so I did a rough animation. It's just a straight ahead piece, done without a model sheet.

Friday, December 16, 2011

My Film Holiday!

School is finally on break. I will be at school painting backgrounds. :D

I got to draw my characters enjoying some christmas fun, for my coop christmas card!

Here are some of the backgrounds I've painted so far.
Inside the Science Fair:

At the Graveyard

More to come later!