Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keeping it interesting.

Such a fun week, wish I had actually done some work though. I did go into school and finish most of my layout assignment today, and I'll probably get half the animation one done tomorrow. Things should work out just fine.

I've been feeling guilty having not posted really any drawings in a while, so I decided to stop being lazy, get up from bed and walk the 3 feet to my drawing desk and pick up a collection of drawings from scrap papers, and my last sketchbook.
It is really meticulous work throwing things together like this, considering I don't have photoshop, ugh so painful. And I'm sorry about the quality, but cellphone camera is so much more convenient then individual scans.

First group is just random designs I like. I keep getting in and out of a grove of how I like to draw people. I think it just has to do with a clash between learning about differnet facial structures, and keeping with a design sense. So I always get a few good drawings, and then a ton of ugly ones where the harmony doesn't hit right.

YEAH RAMS. Working on Ares, these were a couple of older designs the very bottom right one being the most recent.
The rest of the drawings are all classroom sketches. The first 3 though of Bijan I think will lead into something, where I'll just draw him once a week, and see how weird and different I can do it each time. The one in the middle which looks the most realistic was one of the first tries, and now they're becoming more jokey.
The kings are just there cause Eyassu keeps saying I'm subliminally drawing Kyle, so they belong with the rest of the studies I guess.

I also just gotta put this out there. Always take careful consideration of what type of sketchbook you buy. It makes all the difference. I bought one that was giving me this horrible choppy quality, and smudged so easily. And it just shattered my confidence and possibly made me unlearn some drawing ability, cause I've just been trying to use the thing up, and I don't really care what goes in it, cause I hate the thing. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

quick post

Gonna work all day on character design, finished a bunch of sketches, but I like tossing up head turns on this blog. I guess this is a model sheet for this character

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another painting

Ok, I truly do not paint a lot, and I have a bunch of subway sketches and stuff I could throw up, but it's always nicer/easier to just put more finished work on here, even though it's horribleh.

Anyways, this is the painting done for the still life requiring a reflective surface, and a drapery. I may touch it up a bit before I hand it in.

Now onto the real reason I'm posting. Congrats me, another birthday!
I like to think that I'm now a man 20 years in the making, and eventually when I'm finished all of life's little quirks will make me into something awesome.
The last week being home gave me a lot of time to think, and too much has happened in the last month. The good thing about it is now I've decided to finish off some long term work. Up til now my goal was just getting into animation. That's done. I know I always have to keep working at it, but I can be doing other stuff that coincides. For instance I have a story I've been working on for four years, In which I mean I think about it everyday, and occasionally jot down ideas, but I never actually have finished it to a point I can give it to someone else to read. I'm also going to get in better shape. I was doing really well at the beginning of the year, and once I stopped, I just started waking up later, so I'm done with that nonsense. And I have a bunch of books to read, instead of wasting time looking at comedy on the internet. Oh, and me and a few friends should have a film in the works, for the summer.

Now that I think about all that, I'm just going to hang up that still life painting somewhere I have to see it everyday, so I remind myself of everything I have to do.

I'll make sure the next post has a lot of cool drawings, and is less bloggy.