Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tinman work 4 - TedED Video

Yay! Having watched probably 50 videos, I'm happy to finally be a part of one. Through my work at Tinman Creative I got to board and animate this little gem. I hope you all like it.

Designed & Directed by Brett Jubinville
Produced, Edited & Sound Designed by Morghan Fortier
Storyboard & Animation by Kevin Williams
Background Painting by Jen Chen

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tinman work 3 - For Sale By Superhero

For about 4-5 months, I got to work on one of Amazon Studio's Test Movie Projects. A full colour animatic called 'For Sale by Superhero'. It's finally out, and if you got a couple hours to kill you can go HERE!

Cause it's done and released, I can finally put up this megapost!!!
An entire cast of background characters. all 100+ of them were done in 3 days. Some of them never got used while others are scattered around the film.

The Cave: There's a punk rock show/club I had to populate. The top left is the bouncer, and probably my fave design.

Highschool Kids

School Kids

Swat team! I was very happy the day I was told I could redo the bank heist scene to replace the generic cops with my swat team!

Random citizens 1:

Random citizens 2:

Office Workers 1: (Yes that's uncle phil in there)

Office Workers 2:

I also got to design Kyle: the side character, bully/Robin's date in the film.

Flamingo's Motorcycle:

Brett actually designed this car. I just took his profile view and came up with the front, 3/4, and back view.

 Anyways, there you go! My first real feature project. Done and done. It gave me a ton of experience, as I got to storyboard, colour key, and help design this film. I really enjoyed working on this.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some LoZ Fanart

This sketch serves several purposes. Firstly, I'm replaying through Majora's mask on weekends. Good Times! Secondly. I'm doing that, while I figure out how to create a LoZ DnD campaign. Cause it'll be awesome. Third. This post is dedicated to Dan!