Monday, July 5, 2010

Cellphone Camera Part 1/2

This is a WIP sculpture of my Orangutan character design. Thought he'd be difficult and fun to sculpt.
So I went all creeper mode and started taking pics around a PJ's Pet shop. It's starting to become a habit, I just really like looking at the animals. So I busted out my cellphone camera, cause taking out a sketchpad would of been a lot creepier of me.

This one's actually from the zoo, but I really like it. It's a picture of a turtle underwater, through glass, I don't know how it turned out so well.
Chameleon, more in him in the other post.
This iguana had the most evil eyes. I don't want to stereotype, but he just looked like he wanted to plan my demise.

Cellphone Camera Part 2/2

I never knew how weird Gecko headshapes could be
Lol, these bearded dragons trying to intimidate me... I love the 'double dragon' feel they are giving off.
One of the hundreds of fish species they have around.
Panther Chameleon, just sound dangerous, but he moves and acts like a grumpy old man.
The best was when he walked away, he rotated one eye to just watch me as he grumpily shuffled along the branches.
Parrots are always cool, but he was at the front of the store, so I didn't want to linger and grab a ton of photos of him.