Sunday, September 19, 2010

Design developement

I haven't really had any formal assignments yet. Just a lot of developing ideas at my own pace. Which is worrying, cause I get too much time to mull things over in my brain. I decided to push ahead and start doing the designs for everything I knew would be coming up in the near future.
So here is some work my short story pitch.

Lesson number 1 is how to catch a moth.

He's just so cute.
The chameleon has been some work, don't really think he's ready yet.
Some more exploration of his dimensionality. Wanted to clear up all his forms.
This is just a toss in. Was going to start designing the other characters for the idea.
The post below is new stuff too. A little bit of an apology for how rough and unclear my posts have been as of late.

Extra goodies

On top of designing for group film, I've been trying to figure out what I want to do for my action analysis. I've been boarding out a lot of ideas, but nothing is really singing to me yet.

I wanted to do a little piece about an eager scout at first. I didn't want the design of the kid to be generic, so I thought about how people I knew would look as kids. Then I just decided to design me and some of the guys as cub scouts for the lol.

This one's a troll, I wanted to be a frog farmer.

Another design for the troll. Basically the premise was he finds a turtle snapping at his frogs, and hits it all the way to Timbuktu with a log/club.

And I did spend the time to think about how I want to resculpt my orangutan. I haven't started it yet, but the schematics exist.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Story designing

They changed up third year a little, so we all have to write and design our own stories for a while. I have 2 written up, and haven't decided which one to go with, so I've just been designing both.
One of them have this forest deity, He's like a duck, a goat, and a lion put together. And when he's not stuffing his face, he can zoom around like a fat humming bird.
And yes, he can lay on the smolder.
His deity powers let him change people into the essence of their totems. So I made a totem design for him.
I've also been trying to design an elderly chameleon. This design can't be used, cause he's gotta talk and convey some other emotions. But it just looked so blobby. Maybe I'll refine this one later.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

WIP Orangutan 2 + a treat

So I've been sculpting this thing forever, and got it to almost done, and decided it wasn't capturing the likeness well enough, so I destroyed it. but I took some pics before that day. I actually had his beard hairs done too, but hey what you gonna do.
I'm restarting him right now, so maybe in another 2 weeks it'll be done, lol.

As a special treat, here's an assignment I did a while ago. Had to turn a caricature into a character. I chose Bijan, cause you put a beard and thick eyebrows on, and bam it's him :D.
I also took this video with intent of drawing from it. But I guess I've stared at Bijan long enough I could just draw everything from memory. I almost forgot to mention. Purple shirts are chick magnets.