Saturday, April 17, 2010

The pre-end of the year post.

School is almost out for summer. I'll still be animating, but I'd thought I'd put up some work most people wouldn't of gotten to see. These new posts have the cleanup animation I started for my lipsynch, only 3 of the 7 seconds finished. My first lip-synch, which really isn't that important, but eh.

A Bunch of Beatboards and storyboards follow that. Anything new, and interesting for you. And it's a nice way to catalogue my progress for myself.

Layout Shot Tests

These are the layout shot tests for our final project. I treated it as an experiment for some ways of moving the camera.

The kids room, with the girl explaining to the brother why she needs him to drive the car.

the car ride on the way to the bank:

The bank shot. What the kid's mom is seeing on the tele.

This last one is not for that project. And I'm sorry for the low quality, but it's the same girl just running through her house. so cool enough :)

Beat Boards

Beat Boards for shooting the breeze:
Act 1
Act 2:
Act 3:

Just for fun, some quirky farm animals.
Truffles the Pig
A dashing Bull

More Boarding

Story boards/ concepts:

Character line-up for zombie dad:

Story Beats:

The final boards are timed in the leica, so I figured no point in posting.

These next ones were done for a group assignment. With the boards timed to music "Catnipping Greens". The first couple cat drawings are nice.

Catnipping Boards Continued...

Bear Story 1/2

This is my first storyboard project. The premise had to be an unwanted bear. So I made this.

Beat Boards:
The rest of what follows are the storyboards for the story start to end.

Bear Story 2/2