Friday, June 27, 2008

ok so to finish off talking about the pictures, the top one is just a really quick caricature of the main actor from balls of fury. The only thing I really captured about him was his cheek-burns, which I am totally going to consider trying to pull off myself. The second pic in this one is just some demons, for my show thingy. However, I had actually been working on it, instead of just those 2 ugled roughs,but I lost the paper pad I was sketching on. So that's how come this post isn't the megaton start I had wanted. The last one is just a sample of some animals I was drawing. I was dabbling a lot in anatomy, and animals, but I thought it would be really dry to post up a bunch of those so I just chose 2 I liked, that I thought looked nice together. And I draw in pen cause I'm dangerous like that (and I never have erasers handy anyways)

Now for some actual blogging. I know I said this would be up yesterday, but I had a day off and I thought why waste it by scanning stuff. so I had friends over to, play rockband and make a cube (It's a format of playing Magic). It was a totally awesome idea, and now we can use all those old rares that were just sitting around. Again, I reiterate that I had more drawings to post up, but my pad is MIA, and I worked an 11 hour shift today, so I didn't feel like drawing to make up for it. I'll post up some portfolio stuff on monday when I (should) have another day off, and got a camera to take pics. Oh, and I had the scare of my life, apparently my fees hadn't been paid, cause of an unlucky misunderstanding. Right now I'm paranoid my spot in animation might get voided. :0

My post today is gonna have to be in 2 parts, cause I can't load all the images at once. So I'll just start talking about these. The character in this post was done for my mom, for a work presentation. She wanted a friendly monster character to represent her team having to do more and more work for this project. After about 2 hours I was done the first 3 drawings, plus a couple roughs to get his body worked out. the ones in blue ink are just for myself, I fixed up his head a bit, and I really started liking the way he was turning out. The last one is, one of 2. It is the Ping Pong Master from Balls of fury, who also plays the voice actor for Po's father in Kung-fu panda. I drew it while I was watching the movie.