Friday, August 27, 2010


Everyone should have a special bond with an animal at the zoo. I personally love Molek the Orangutan. Amanda's is the Gaur. I thought I'd draw her a little present :D.

On another note, Howcome my zoo drawings are so bad, but if I sketch from memory stuff like this happens? Oh, and I'm going to try and finish that orangutan today, barring distractions may arise. Scrabble anyone?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

WIP Orangutan

I started sculpting this orangutan head a long time ago. He's also my icon for my blog. It still needs some fixing, maybe bigger eyebrows, and a lot of smoothing before it gets baked, but a rough sculpt is usually good enough to tell how somethings going to turn out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've been trying to copy drawings everyday. It gives my brain a rest after work, while upping my drawing skill. But sometimes I get board of that, and just doodle. So here are some random animal designs. I know you love the cellphone camera updates, lol.

An eager young jaguar, actually for a film concept.
Some forest critters, I was going to design a header for my blog I think.
That little rabbit made me want to draw an old rabbit.
Crocs are cool

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Summer of George!

So I went on this awesome trip to San Diego, and probably should of blogged about it, but whatever. It had several highlights, that'll probably define my coolness factor for the rest of my life. Ie. Touring Disney studios, seeing a prerelease of "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", meeting all of my artistic influences in the flesh (Mike Mignola, John Nevarez, Chris Sanders, Stephen Silver, David Coleman, Joe Weatherly, Dean Yeagle, Jin Kim, and the awesome Glen Keane. I probably have missed some people, but I wrote down everything awesome I did in a little list in my sketchbook. I knew the euphoria would quickly overwhelm my memory). Oh, and I surfed!!! Radical.

The strange thing is that this amazing trip doesn't seem out of place in the awesome summer I've been having. Whether it's manifested from my own hard work, just pure luck, or maybe I've just become more open to the idea of cool things happening to me... a lot of really cool stuff has just fallen into my lap.

So now to the part where I justify making a post : How to train your Dragon

I've spent a long time waiting for cool things to come from this movie. In April I asked a theatre for their display, and spent 2 months calling everyday until finally I got my beautiful collectibles that now decorate my room.
In March I ordered the art of book for the movie, and now draw from it as often as I can. I've been very surprised how naturally drawing in Nicolas Marlet's style has come to me. Here are some COPIES from the book.

I've now started drawing the characters in my own posing, and hoping to maintain the look of the characters.

And a little something extra for myself. You always gotta draw that person you're drawing with.