Thursday, July 17, 2008

Working out the Main Characters.

So I have the day off and therefore it is time to update my blog. I've still got several hours to draw today, but I wanted to plan out some stuff, so just incase I didn't finish that I thought I would update what I have to make sure atleast that got done today.
All the drawings today are concept art, because I spend so much time thinking out the story line at work, I thought I should try and catch up on some of the characters, and then maybe start doing some posterlike illustrations of key moments.
The first picture today is some ideas for what Kailo's father is going to look like. Although I really like the look of the bullish one cause he's supposed to look very strong. I'm thinking I'm gonna go with the thinner model cause it just fits better with the story line (which is still a mystery to you, muahahaha). I did a bunch of drawings of kailo in the same style I did those heads, but didn't like the way they turned out, I'll keep working on it though.
The second one is just a rough head turn, which is basically just so I can move kailo into that style, cause I really get lost on how his cheekbones, and jawline are supposed to look.
The third one is a bunch of random things for kailo. Some concepts for what he's gonna look like as a baby (cause it comes up), and his shapeshifted form (which I think looks better like that, rather than making him almost completly a wolf)
The last picture is the main female of the story. She's a satyr, not a demon, don't let the horns confuse you. She's also a druid, and is able to shape aether directly. I'll explain her and the satyr clan more when I do some basic work on them. I will say that I'm horrible at drawing females, however I have tapped into my ultimate art resource. I got so many magic cards laying around the house, I just pick em up and use em as reference. GENIOUS!!!
Don't expect any posts for probably a week, unless I find free time, but I can promise the art is always getting done. Just finding time to scan is a problem.

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