Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So school is still very much on its merry way, beating me down with homework, but it's just because there are so many opportunities to draw I just get all swept up and short on time.
I still have no scanner with me, so I took pictures with my cellphone (yes I finally got one like 2 weeks ago).
The drawings go as follows; 
1. Poses for my character turn of Wogwart, due sometime next week. Going to clean him up with the updated character design.
2. Drawings off a dinner table at Montanas, I was out with my family for a wedding. Also look at the stylized chin on Kailo, I'm thinking I might keep it like that.
3. Shapes design for painting class. It's a Whale eating Krill, totally not noticing the Leviathan about to gobble down on it.
4. I got a bunch of new books, but I pulled out John Nevarez's 'Bits and Pieces ~volume 2', which is a book I bought last year at the A&I Roadshow. I got all inspired and redid Wogwarts Character design, which I think is much better now. (hopefully I can switch it for my class).
5. I've been daydreaming a lot. It was just such a nice thought to think about looking up at the stars, I decided to draw it.

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