Friday, November 7, 2008

Scarf til you barf!

Ok, that title needs some work. Howbout. Kevin is quite the character... designer.
So I've completely thrown myself into doing some character design.  And I've started up my cork-board to put up the drawings I like.

First picture, is of that nice board. Featuring my newly obtained caricature of me from Enzo :D. And the one I did of Dan which I'm proud of. hopefully that thing is a mess by the end of the year.

2nd pic is of 2 characters for my extra piece. Djonar is a really novice monster hunter, and slug boy there's the monster. Hopefully Scarfers (little furried metal eating baby dragon) can help him out. Djon's shield flicks out to be a hover board. I gave him a lance to joust with on the board, but people don't seem to like the idea.

Now some Scarfers drawings. Range of emotions, and a little eye chart.
Aww how cute.
The several ideas I've been working on.
The last drawing is the current final model for the head. Because when you're drawing out expressions you don't want to fixate on having your character be on model all the time, the drawings are never perfect. When I've picked out all the faces I wanna clean up then I'll make sure that they are all on point.


Unknown said...

he's adorable! :)

are you using this for the expression sheet or is this just personal?

Kevin Williams said...

This one is for both. If at all possible he'll be animated by the end of the year.