Thursday, September 24, 2009


Announcing... some new things.
So it's been a while, no confusion though, I still draw all the time, and probably have lots to post, but let's just forget about that.
This post is just a primer for others to come. Firstly this bear, is part of my storyboard assignment. Those boards will all be up in a few weeks when its finished.
Secondly is this small piece of character animation. If you don't remember Mesmer, you can go back a few pages to find his designs. I'm personally trying to do a weekly animation as extra learning material for myself. I did one first week, but I didn't like it enough to post. Basically it's 15 or so key frames, of some type of action I find interesting. There'll be no clean-up, or in-betweening for any of these. So he's simply pouncing at something, like a mouse, and then let's out rawr. Simple.

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