Saturday, February 12, 2011


Why did I stop blogging for a solid month. Well, that's complicated. Mostly I've been horribly ill, but also I've been working on this one character for group film ad nauseam. I've been doing design sketches, random doodles, expression tests. I even have a rough sculpt on my desk.

I don't think anyone will mind the world getting a sneak peek. Besides he might look completely different by next week. :@

I have to give mad respect to Sean Parry (Check him out). He took my rough designs, and cleaned them up. (Something that would of taken me hours. I'm sure). So now we have a gorgeous model sheet. And you all get something to see.

Enjoy his bossiness. I'm gonna start whipping up animation tests soon. In fact the 3 blue drawings in the bottom are a few drawings from a test I did in under an hour. Hopefully the steam engine, that is my art, keeps on rolling.

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