Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Double Feature!

Firstly, the post below this is new too, it's my film designs; exciting! But I had extra goodies, because somehow I'm ahead in film production milestones. So I started learning 3D for fun.
If anyone remembers this character lineup, it's now been cleaned up. Something I promised myself i would do last year.
And now, the chameleon in the top left is becoming a 3D character. I did the presculpt in mudbox, and am working on retopologizing it in maya. So soon enough he'll be real, lol.

but before I did that, I did some practice sculpts. They only take about an hour or 2, so I like to just whip up a character sketch and practice sculpting. This is a bear I designed.
And this is the Judge from my film, which you can check out designs for below.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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