Monday, February 27, 2012

Indian Designs

Here's another group of designs.

I do wanna point out these are done off the top of my head in an hour or so, so there are probably lots and lots of inaccuracies to clothing and such. At the end of the year when I clean these all up for portfolio, I'll do research to fix em up, but for now it's just fun to doodle out the wackiest stuff.

If anyone has a topic they want me to do, you can just put it in the comments. I also don't mind groups of animals, as well as different time periods as suggestions.


Noam Sussman said...

cool stuff man, i like the dude at the bottom left

Dean Heezen said...

Solid! Bottom left is also my favourite.

L. Frostad said...

make a bunch of woolly mammoths.

or jazz/ska musicians. I'M BAD AT THINGS.

3rding bottom left dude.