Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tinman work 3 - For Sale By Superhero

For about 4-5 months, I got to work on one of Amazon Studio's Test Movie Projects. A full colour animatic called 'For Sale by Superhero'. It's finally out, and if you got a couple hours to kill you can go HERE!

Cause it's done and released, I can finally put up this megapost!!!
An entire cast of background characters. all 100+ of them were done in 3 days. Some of them never got used while others are scattered around the film.

The Cave: There's a punk rock show/club I had to populate. The top left is the bouncer, and probably my fave design.

Highschool Kids

School Kids

Swat team! I was very happy the day I was told I could redo the bank heist scene to replace the generic cops with my swat team!

Random citizens 1:

Random citizens 2:

Office Workers 1: (Yes that's uncle phil in there)

Office Workers 2:

I also got to design Kyle: the side character, bully/Robin's date in the film.

Flamingo's Motorcycle:

Brett actually designed this car. I just took his profile view and came up with the front, 3/4, and back view.

 Anyways, there you go! My first real feature project. Done and done. It gave me a ton of experience, as I got to storyboard, colour key, and help design this film. I really enjoyed working on this.

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