Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kinship - Intro Designs 1

I've been working on my own videogame project! 

If you've heard about it, you'll recognize the two main characters.

Here's my first pass at level 1's boss.

I've also been brainstorming what cinematics I want to include. Off the top off the game, there'll be a lot of other elementals. Tirae and Mor'sut make up one of the Prime elementals.

There will be other elemental combinations in the intro, but I figured I'd start with the easiest pairing first. (the water/air, earth/fire team)

 Hopefully it's clear how these two have combined. I tried to capture both of their silhouettes in the same being.

All in all, coming up with my own art style has been awesome. These are all first pass drawings (I don't know why I do them in colour), but I think they look cool. Either I'll be done early, or have a great jumping off point.

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