Monday, October 20, 2008

12 hour power?

This is quite possibly the coolest blog post I will ever do. Why's that you ask? Well this morning I made the stupendous decision of going to school, into the animation room for over 12 hours. Of course I took the occasional break, but I'm pretty sure I pulled at least 12 hours of solid work today. (Something I hope to not have to do again)
Now what are the results of this. Well I am very physically drained, but my spirits have never been higher. 2 animation projects completed to the level of satisfaction I wished for them.
The first one is a real pageturner, probably because it's a page... turning, but then unturning. Ok it's not that cool.

The second vid is the real star. A seaweed, complex, yet sophisticated, with a little surprise at the end that makes the seasoning just right. Oh, and if your one of the people going to be watching this in the class screenings, I expect a thunderous applause by you, and everyone around whom you can inspire. It takes a lot to do these things.


The character posing will be posted up whenever I finish all of them, but I decided not to muddle up this post. I'll post up these vids on my youtube account when I get the chance.


Unknown said...

I'm stoked about the turtle.

I apologize for not applauding the first time i saw it.
The applause was there mentally, though.

Keelamari said...

Sweet turtle!

Deven said...

Ahah, so that's the infamous turtle sequence eh? Nice design on the head, and his little feet are cute when they pop out of the ground. :D