Thursday, October 9, 2008


This week has been all about extra work for me. starting on the weekend, I've been trying to go to extra life every other day, and I'm working on my extra piece of animation now that my seaweed is finished. This being apparent by the odd fact that I, usually asleep by 10, am somehow still up at 3. But regardless today's post is something much more awesome. So if you scroll back in time through this blog to the beginning of summer, or much earlier if you know me from highschool, I've been working on one character for a long time, revisiting him as I learn more, cause I was never able to make him look like how I felt he should be portrayed. So we got a posing assignment not due for 3 weeks or so, but I'm so driven to do this one cause I'm now using that character. So I'm working out silhouettes, and dynamic anatomy and design. Honestly I want this to be amazing. There is really so much you can learn from silhouetting your character. The third picture really speaks to that, where I did a pose, and then readjusted it to look stronger using the silhouette. I'm really hoping it reads well.
And I should add, that character portrayal has been so hard for me to do. But I've decided I'm going to do all my poses as part of an action sequence, because it's really more of the reaction of a character that shows you their personality. Especially for someone like Kailo, whom I have a whole crazy long story backing his character development.

Oh and I want to start learning to paint with gouache. GL to me on that one, lol.