Monday, May 25, 2009

Am I Nickelback...

Cause you should "Look at this photograph!"

Lol ok, so a semi-interesting post with some semi-interesting photos. Basically I work all day bagging dirt, and cow poop and such. And hence I get a thin film covered on me by the end of my 11 hour day. So on my way home, me and my dad passed by some deer in a field. So he decided to take a picture, but our camera is awful, and can't really zoom. So I told him I'd go get the picture. And cause they really can't smell 'me', they just let me walk right up

This first one has me at about 40 ft. which is about 5 ft. from the road.
Around 15 or so

And me at 8 ft. which, is sad cause I'm so close for what the final picture is.


Unknown said...

wow, so pretty. this is a really nice post.

Victor Preto said...

you should have jumped on one of them and ride it all the way home lol

Kevin Williams said...

well at the time, the second one had just stood up, and for some reason I didn't notice it had antlers. And I thought it being a lighter brown made it female subconsciously, lol disney brain-washing. Anyways, I kinda thought there might be a baby somewhere in the grass, and didn't want to give 2 deers reason to stomp me out.