Monday, November 29, 2010

Guilt Post

Having a blog means I feel guilty when I have nothing I want to post. I spent all weekend writing an in depth essay, so my art generation was at a minimum. My ability to procrastinate was still very high though. Let's just say my room is spotless, and a lot of other chores have been taken care of.

I don't think anyone particularly cares about me posting group films designs. Especially cause I only put up the ones that have been thrown away. I figure this can be some nice art fodder for all my viewers.

Firstly, my personal favorite interpretations of Boss and Bori. Organic, wonky, and troll/goblin like. Coloured to feel that way too.

We had to put together an art direction pack, showing what we have contributed to the film. Here is the old design for boss, the still current design of blink, and some experiments for Bori (which I already posted)
Colour and style tests. I was looking really closely at the Marvel interpretation of the Wizard of Oz saga. Love the texture style painting, and wonky character design.

The progression of Bori, up until this design got thrown out. This only includes my part, and not Shen the other designer working on this character. We wanted simple, teenager, full of ambition, and some kind of creature. Those were the ground rules. You can see me playing with shape proportions in silhouette before designing. The top drawings were storyboards i liked the feeling of Bori I was achieving.

And more Stop-motion...

I really enjoy that class, it immediately reveals problems in animation. Right now I think I self-reference animation to much. Even though I never record myself doing an action, I act through it, and try to realize what I am doing physically.
This is a weird complaint, but it always feels to natural and evenly paced. I want more abstract, expressive timing in my work, and that's what I'm working towards now.

A walk.

My smash assignment.

More in the future... Hang tight ya'll :D

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