Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Tis my birthday, officially. The clock just struck. So here's a blog post before I sleep as an older person.

Some Big-Nosed Chefs I drew for an assignment.
Some snarky aged geisha's for the same project.
I had to go to the Auto Show a week ago, these are some things I doodled:

1) People posing next to cars to take photos...

2) People posing with cars acting like they own them.
3) People poised around cars acting like they know things about cars.

Have fun today, and drink coconut water, if you really want to be my friend :D!


R. Lemker said...

Love the character concepts, especially the geishas, they all look so terrifically grumpy. Get any odd looks at the car show for stealth drawing people?

Kevin Williams said...

Actually, at the Auto show me and a couple friends just took up some comfy couches at one of the dealer's stations, and sat there for a couple hours. No one really seemed to mind. Even the dealer's showmen/ladies were chatting with us.

Sjan Weijers said...

good sketches and: happy birthday!