Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Art over the holidays

So the holidays came, and I didn't draw for the first week or so at all. And realized I was getting really horrible at drawing because of it. So then I guilted myself into trying to draw all the time. of the sketches below, probably half were done since the weekend, and I'm not gonna dig up the ones I do on scrap pads laying around. Oh, and they were all uploaded from my cell camera, cause I haven't busted open the sweet printer/scanner combo I got for X-mas, I'm gonna bring to Oakville with me :D!

I started sketching what I watched on TV. bit of mythbusters, little hell's kitchen. All of the drawings below are done in under 5 min. I don't like drawing slow for details, unless I do it as a learning excercise.

I've also been playing around a bit with character design. Especially working on eyes, and jawlines. Instead of doing pure monsters like I usually do, I tried to do some human characters, but some old favorites always drop in. (And my sleeping father, lol)

I couldn't resist drawing my brother, his hair is ridiculous in real life. and I thought I'd get myself some reference so I can animate him or something when I'm in school. Oh and there's that girl from Atlantis on that page, and a drawing of Scarlett johanson in the bottom right of the pic above.

Final segment of this post, are just some concept sketches of decorating a toy I did for a friend. I worked on it through one long night, just using felt markers. to produce the final product below.

Now I think my service to those who are nice enough to read this thing is done. I have a bones of the human body to study for. I got all the names of parts memorized, I just have to be able to draw them all now, still got 2 weeks or so to master that though.


KAT said...

i'm almost done mezmorizing all of the bones' names, but i'm afraid of the drawing part too.

Kevin Williams said...

Hello! Well, this is weird...never thought I'd find another Kevin Williams who animated! Congrats on the classy site, keep up the good work!