Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today I started boarding out the incredibly lengthy character design project

Remember the chameleon in the last post. I said he would change... couple dozen drawings later, and here he is now. Although unnecessary it would be fun to one day make a quick slideshow of one character from start to finish, and show how they slightly change from drawing to drawing. just a thought.
Right before I uploaded this post I figured I might as well do a head rotation, and then I forgot to put on his glasses, oops.

This was my mock up drawing at the start of the day. I spent probably an hour deciding what kind of layout I wanted and how I would put this together. I even grabbed a sculpture I made of an old character and props around the house, to try and make up a fake 3d layout.

I did a quick number of very small story sketches. once I was decently happy with them, I redrew what I had at about a quarter size of what the final will be. Some of the drawings are recycled, and the posing has to be fixed a bit. But I wanted to see how it would run, and finally decided since I made it a quicktime I might as well post it.

Oh and the idea is that this chameleon is camera shy, but wants to take a picture of himself. Just incase it doesn't read properly.


Unknown said...

this is great, kevin!
Your efforts have paid off. i still have to finalize / finish figuring out my character. All I know is that he's going to be a fat pig.

Noam Sussman said...

cool shit son
but what if it shows each picture after every shot?