Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some sort of post?

We, as in the people that live with me, decided to collectively straighten up the house. Which was a task for me, cause I've been saving pretty much every drawing this year in random piles. Now I have them sorted out by classes, and projects. And I even have whole big folders dedicated to specific characters who have gone through lots of changes in design. Regardless the place is tidy, and today seemed like that perfect day to set up my sweet scanner/printer combo, and make a blog post. Well the people who sell printers apparently don't include the cable you need to hook your printer up.
So since I was going to make a post anyways, you'll just have to settle for the same low resolution I always put up.

I'm not going to post everything I wanted cause I'd like to save some stuff for a better post when I can scan em. But this first picture is just from character design class when we hybridized animals. I threw in a muskox, and my friend threw in a chicken, and a good ole' football playing monster came out.

Character design also gave us an assignment to make an anthropomorphic character in a scene.
There's been a bunch of changes since this drawing. but since I was looking at the progression of all my work this year, I thought I'd put down pretty much the original drawing of this character.

Oh and I should just add, congrats to all the first years on the bone test. I hope we all did well, and now we're pros that can for instance go to the doctor and annoy them by saying what part of our butts hurt. And of course draw it in great detail.

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