Sunday, September 19, 2010

Design developement

I haven't really had any formal assignments yet. Just a lot of developing ideas at my own pace. Which is worrying, cause I get too much time to mull things over in my brain. I decided to push ahead and start doing the designs for everything I knew would be coming up in the near future.
So here is some work my short story pitch.

Lesson number 1 is how to catch a moth.

He's just so cute.
The chameleon has been some work, don't really think he's ready yet.
Some more exploration of his dimensionality. Wanted to clear up all his forms.
This is just a toss in. Was going to start designing the other characters for the idea.
The post below is new stuff too. A little bit of an apology for how rough and unclear my posts have been as of late.

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