Saturday, October 23, 2010

Castle reference

For my Action Analysis I have my character in a medieval training ground. Finding pictures that detail castle brick work had been almost impossible. The best sources I found were model reconstructions, made for table top games. I was fortunate enough to visit Casa Loma today, for a dear friend's wedding. His wedding was fabulous, I wish I was cool and handsome enough to be married in a castle like him. :D

Now that I finally found some good reference, I'll be able to redo that layout below, with more fancy designs. Yeah! But I figured for anyone else that has come into my situation, it'd be best to share around the reference.

Epic upshots are the best way to show castles.
I was looking for that design that edges the tops. Being the most recognizable feature of castles.

Archways and brickwork.

A stone wall was nothing like I expected. Sure there's rocks, but then they line it with concrete in between, and make a design out of that.

To show you what I mean. notice the gaps between the concrete and the rocks. It's forming it's own design.

This light looks likes an armored breastplate that's been modified.

Trophy mantle. lol

Door knockers. I touched them :)

More cool light fixtures. I like the cast iron swirly motifs.

I finally understand curtains, and how to make them look cool.

They have a cool fountain in their courtyard. I should of went down to take a better picture.

For all of you that made it to the bottom of this. Mini cannon. SO COOL. It was sitting at the foot of a bed. The best way to ward off bed intruders. lol

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