Friday, October 8, 2010

Cafe sketches and more

I want to start adding my cafe sketches into this blog again, so here are some drawings from as of school starting. I want to have a page like this every other week or so.

This blog also needs one of those cool banners. I was trying to think of something that represented me as gentle. So while on the subway, I drew myself as a plushie. Then decided young me would love said plushie, for it is cool. I will fix up, and digi paint this sketch soon enough.

We also broke out some figures for stop mo class. I like animating to dialogue, so just imagine her saying "Talk to the hand, cause the face ain't listening". lol

1 comment:

Laura said...

Kevin how did you get those stupid stop-mo videos to play :( none of my exports work on my computer at home! Looking nice btw, I love your sketches of Bijan XD Hilarious.