Friday, October 8, 2010

Design development 3 continued...

Another layout concept for the film. I wanted the Ibex to be in a very bright, rundown piece of the jungle. I put a rockface behind him, cause he feel's kinda goaty to me.

The initial design sketch for the Ibex. I'm a little irked by how many people like this guy over the others.
Fun fact: Design time for each character. Cub: 2 days, Chameleon: 2 weeks, Mother/Orora: 3 days, Ibex : 2 minutes. lol

A face chart for Orora. I have to do one for all the characters, but these sketches looked nice. Both leopards, and the chameleon deliver dialogue, as of right now, so their designs had to be capable, and believable of that.

This is a triple post day, btw. The one below is just as new as these first 2. I just formatted them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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