Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've started going to the zoo

I've decided that I need to learn more animal anatomy, and do more than just creative drawing. So I bought a zoo membership. Now whenever I got time I go down and draw orangutans. They are like impossible to draw, lol. There is so much variation between each one in the small group at the zoo.

Their lips just stretch into weird poses (left). And I hope everyone knows, loves, and respects Charlie (Right)
More gorillas. Apparently toronto has another male still. Sebera, I think was his name.
Orangutans. I forgot to include any drawings of Molek, the giant dreadlocks sporting male one.
The tigers are extremely active when it rains. I got a whole bunch of videos of them doing 'walk cycles' Actually all the animals are great when it rains, and no one else is in the zoo, so they all walk up to say hello.
While I was practising drawing animals from my 'weatherly' book, myth busters came on and they were testing horseback archery. girl drawn in 2 minutes from memory, horse drawn in what felt like 10 minutes,with book, cause I'm awful.

Oh, and I have to say, there was one school of french 3rd graders today. They are so polite. I've been swarmed twice this week by school children, but it was just too cute today all these little kids with their french accents, it made me giggle.

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