Thursday, June 11, 2009


Another pose for Mesmer, and a small sample of hand drawings. Each of them taking somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes. The one in graphite is actually only about 2 inches in real life to give you an idea.
So I went to the Bloor theatre last night to watch the sample of grad films. I took my parents with, and for 5 bucks a pop it was a steal.  My dad loved Electropolis, he can't stop talking about it.
There were only a few ones I hadn't seen. 'Tang' a movie about a baboon and his hotspring oasis, was one of the best animations I've ever seen, and it had such great story pacing, and the animation and effects were really professional. Me and my Mom also thought the story behind 'Smores' was incredibly clever, and such an interesting way to display global warming.

I'm of course still working on my own story. I'm going to go for another complete rewrite after having watched all those grad films, looking at what I liked about them that worked. I know I've got 3 years to change ideas, but creative writing is an exercise that has to be thoroughly explored like the rest of animation. If only doing layouts was so fun.


Unknown said...

you're already working on your 4th year ideas?

oh boy.

i wish i could have seen this 'tang' film. they didnt show it at the sheridan screening (as far as i can remember)

Bijan Shahir said...

Shiiiit Kev. Man, it's been a while. Thanks for the commment, and yes, that is my real phone number. Call me babe. btw the sketches are looking good. I don't know anyone that goes as in depth as you.