Sunday, June 14, 2009

A quick story

So today I went on a mini adventure with my parents. We drove out to Paris, ON, to pick up some rare plant from a nursery out there. And then I went to the Labyrinth to buy some books.

On the way there we had passed by an accident, where an 18 wheeler had slipped off the road and was on its side. Well my dad is a very camera-happy person, and had been taking pictures of all the landscapes and buildings on the way there, so why not this accident. The people in front of us had slowed down to look, and my mom whom was driving slowed down for them. So I started quoting off, the reason why accidents cause so many delays is because of people stopping to look.
We're passed the accident now, and I'm about to say, besides there's nothing really to look at, and there, all these people were out of their cars waiting for this accident to clear up. There was a guy out on a lawnchair with a guitar, to play for a small audience he'd acquired, and a guy feeding his show horse, and people just playing about. I guess I was wrong, there was something interesting to look at after all.

In other news, I'm off for another week, so instead of being sad and lazy at home, I'm gonna go buy a membership to the zoo and draw my butt off. Hopefully something good comes of that.

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